Sarah Bee Creations

My shop is your home for handmade sulfate-free soaps, soy candles, and body products crafted in small batches with love.
I have always loved making things. As a little girl, my mother would hand-sew quilts, pillows, flags, and other projects. She let me help out in the kitchen as well so I always had some little project going on with scraps of dough or fabric leftovers. Every year, we would hand-dip beeswax tapers for Christmas and make Valentines for each other out of vintage stickers, doilies, and construction paper.

After working some time as a cube-dweller for a Wall Street company, I decided to go back to my roots. While reading a suggestion online regarding beeswax candles for a wedding, I remembered how wonderful it was to make those candles. I decided to make gifts and also try my hand at soap. My daughter’s hands would get so cracked, she would have to wear socks over her hands filled with olive oil for comfort. She hasn’t had to wear another hand sock since she started using my soap to my great delight.

Thus, Sarah Bee Creations was born and the rest is history.