Prayer for Pilgrims of the Camino

Prayer for Pilgrims

Tweet This!Pin It  My Mom and brother are on their Way. The weather is quite rough right now. They are battling mud and ice now when they were expecting primarily heat for their journey. I’ve just heard that they have crossed the Pyrenees and will be spending the night tonight at the monastery in Roncesvalles, [...]

Patriots’ Day

Wally and Sarah up on the Monster

Tweet This!Pin ItI am absolutely gutted over the bombings in Boston. I realize there were attacks all over the world yesterday and hundreds of people died, but to me, that doesn’t make what happened in Boston any less important or less tragic. Most of you who know me, know that Boston is a city very close to [...]

Black Hole Bacon

Black Hole Bacon, a Unicorn in an Enchanted Forest, and a Double Rainbow

Tweet This!Pin ItYesterday was a rough day here at the Hive. LO is on Spring Break and she & Jr Executive were on each other’s nerves by the afternoon, despite the fun morning they’d had together. Suddenly, LO got the bug for creating something and asked for some inspiration. I handed her a stack of [...]


Jack Kicking Hiney

Tweet This!Pin ItI’m not even sure how to best write this post. I want to bring your attention to a sweet little boy who is five years old. His name is Jack. His mama is a wonderful woman I’ve been blessed to know through Band Back Together. Not only is she one of the Brains [...]


Goofy Avatar- ducklips Sarah

Tweet This!Pin ItThose who know us or who follow me on Twitter, know that our seven year old daughter says some of the funniest things. Sometimes, though, while what she says may not be funny, the kernel of truth in it sticks with me. The family had the following conversation this week: Her: Mama’s a [...]