Tweet This!Pin ItMy office in Phoenix is buried in an older neighborhood. When I used to take the kids to the office with me, we would drive down one of the streets to watch the progress of this amazing treehouse being built. It is finally complete. It has a large porch with a comfortable couch [...]

A boy and his dogs

JrExec and dog

Tweet This!Pin ItThe #JrExecutive has really been enjoying his time with my parents’ and sister’s dogs while we have been here. He has no fear of these beasts who are his size and larger. He firmly tells them no and to get out of his face if they are too close and they listen to [...]

Dose of Happy


Tweet This!Pin ItThis is my Dose of Happy for today! Link up at Band Back Together From Wordless Wednesday Not sure why the embeded player isn’t playing, but just click on the photo and it will take you straight to the video of the JrExecutive laughing as he tries jumping. *Please ignore the sound of [...]



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Tweet This!Pin ItI take my role as a leader very seriously. To cultivate my spongy brain, I make a new reading selection each week to study. From BabyBee reading If you don’t keep your thinking fresh, the competition might step in and we can’t have that. From BabyBee reading Here, I think I’ll read this [...]



Tweet This!Pin ItApril 22, 2011 They say shoes make the man. I’m not so sure about that. But just in case the big guns think so, I set out on lunch to get my loafers. Now, I am no loafer, but I hear that’s the thing to wear: When I put them on, though, I [...]

Sick Days


Tweet This!Pin It Memo from the Desk of a Jr. Executive April 11th, 2011 Today, everyone was calling out sick. Throwing up on my new suit was one thing, but if you just have a fever, don’t tell me you can’t be bothered to sit at a desk and work. It’s not like I am [...]