Tweet This!Pin ItAs part of my family heritage research, I’ve been using a site called Find-a-Grave. I’ve been able to see the markers of many relatives the world over. Some only have photos of the outside of the cemetery while others have the actual gravestones. It’s an invaluable resource to have these photos not only [...]



Tweet This!Pin It As a family, we are about to embark upon a great adventure. Mr. Bee has lived within this 40 mile radius his whole life. He’s never lived more than a 30 minute drive from his mother. However, changes – big changes – are here. This will be our last Spring here. We [...]

Learning to be Adventurous


Tweet This!Pin ItI’ve never been what anyone would call the adventurous type. I’m careful. Maybe I’m too careful. I always have a litany of admonitions and checklists. Before BabyBee was born, I had lists upon lists of things that needed to be done and “in case of this” scenarios. LO knows the drill when I [...]