Black Hole Bacon

Yesterday was a rough day here at the Hive. LO is on Spring Break and she & Jr Executive were on each other’s nerves by the afternoon, despite the fun morning they’d had together. Suddenly, LO got the bug for creating something and asked for some inspiration. I handed her a stack of paper and my bag of Sharpies and asked for something with bacon because bacon makes just about everything better. Here is what she made:

Black Hole Bacon, a Unicorn in an Enchanted Forest, and a Double Rainbow

I ask you, dear interwebs, can you get any more cheerful than this? That is a unicorn, in an enchanted forest, under a double rainbow, with giant bacon coming out of a black hole ready to eat.
Her other drawings included a pea growing in a garden that’s shouting “For the last time, I didn’t pee!”, a scientist/witch who is doing an experiment, a chicken nugget who thinks it’s a chicken, and a paper airplane that declares her love for me.


  1. Tracie says:

    This is the cheeriest of cheer. I love it.

    Also, the pea who is shouting that he didn’t pee? Hilarious.

  2. okiewife says:

    Her mind is amazing, and she has caused me giggles many times. You are so blessed with such entertaining children!

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