Pinned it: Did it

Another week is upon us and a-Pinning I have gone. This week, I’m pinning mostly delicious ideas for the garden I’m planning. We rent a house, but there is space for a small vegetable garden and hooks on the front porch where I plan to plant herbs and flowers. I’m also pinning ideas for a LEGO birthday party for the toddler. He will be two in April the week after Easter. It won’t be a big party by any means, but it should be fun for him.

Here are my two biggest herbal garden inspirations thus far:
First, the swirly herb which seems the perfect match for the grass-bald spot in the backyard:

AND the hanging variety, which I’m imagining hanging from one of nine hooks on our porch:


  1. Chibi Jeebs says:

    I’d love to have a garden – reminds me of my great grandparents. <3

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