Pinned it: Did it Vol 5

The wireless antenna hasn’t been working on my desktop. Today, I McGyvered a large safety pin and floral wire and made my own antenna which is working better than the original one did anyhow. I’ve got to say, I’m feeling empowered. RAWR!

In my relaunch of a weekly carnival, I present Pinned it: Did it. Link up your favorite pins from Pinterest if you don’t have your own blog, otherwise, show us what you’ve been up to! Did you make a recipe? Did you organize something? Did you make a sweet craft? Share it!

My contribution this week is a combination of two pins. The first was a suggestion from Real Simple for using household items in different ways. I used a cocktail shaker to make scrambled eggs for the kids. Egg, milk, seasonings all in the glass then shake it all up! I then used another pin for the inspiration for breakfast for the grown-ups. Slice a bell pepper into rings, crack your egg in the middle, and fry like normal. It turned out so well. The egg slid a big underneath, but if you press the ring down for a moment, there is less of the slippage. It was really tasty and I love the way it looks.



  1. Chibi Jeebs says:

    Okay, totally wussed out and pinned something I bought, but that still counts, right? ;)

  2. Joules says:

    I <3 that red pepper idea! My kid would love it too:)


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