Mountains of Happy

For today’s Dose of Happy in the Band Back Together Project’s Monday carnival, I’d love to share with you two places which will always live on in my heart. When I was in high school, when the stress and pressure of grades and preparing for college would start to get to me, I’d hop in the Aerostar and drive. Just past my parents’ house, is Red Mountain.

As I continue the drive towards Saguaro Lake and pass the Salt River’s many twists and turns as it provides power for the surrounding area, water for the homes and businesses, and sustenance for the local wildlife to include wild horses, mountain goats, rabbits, and a never ending bevy of snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas, I stop. Surrounded by the beauty of the desert, breathing deeply the scent of a freshly washed rain upon the creosote, here is my destination:


  1. Pretty:-)

  2. karen says:

    I love mountains and craggy land formations of any kind. Of course I can see a range from my back window, which helps a lot with sanity.

  3. Caro says:


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