I’m not even sure how to best write this post. I want to bring your attention to a sweet little boy who is five years old. His name is Jack. His mama is a wonderful woman I’ve been blessed to know through Band Back Together. Not only is she one of the Brains behind the scenes, but is an editor and a founding board member.   They have just learned that Jack has leukemia. To find out more about his story, please visit the Caring Bridge site that has been set up HERE.

The best ways for you to help right now:

  • Pray, send good thoughts, wishes, or whatever you feel comfortable with doing.
  • There is an address on the site for you to send cards and small amusements to keep him occupied during his treatments and testing. Also, Crystal, his mama, has a Nook so gift cards would be a great idea.
  • No flowers or balloons, please, because some of the kids on the floor are sensitive.
  • Any drawings your kids would like to make or things he can get in the mail would be wonderful. The address for anything of that nature is on the site as well.
  • Donate marrow. Your marrow may not be able to match with Jack, but there is someone out there who needs it. The test is so easy. It is just a swab. Go register today at http://marrow.org/Join/Join_Now/Join_Now.aspx

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