Tweet This!Pin ItMy office in Phoenix is buried in an older neighborhood. When I used to take the kids to the office with me, we would drive down one of the streets to watch the progress of this amazing treehouse being built. It is finally complete. It has a large porch with a comfortable couch [...]

A boy and his dogs

JrExec and dog

Tweet This!Pin ItThe #JrExecutive has really been enjoying his time with my parents’ and sister’s dogs while we have been here. He has no fear of these beasts who are his size and larger. He firmly tells them no and to get out of his face if they are too close and they listen to [...]

Mountains of Happy

Red Mountain

Tweet This!Pin ItFor today’s Dose of Happy in the Band Back Together Project’s Monday carnival, I’d love to share with you two places which will always live on in my heart. When I was in high school, when the stress and pressure of grades and preparing for college would start to get to me, I’d [...]

Why I Bloghop

great open water swimming start

Tweet This!Pin ItThis hop was inspired by my husband’s first sociology essay requirement. He had to write half a page with the topic being simply an open “Why I…”. I’ve been thinking ever since then of all the things there are to write about and how interesting it is to see what our first instincts [...]

New Beginnings

Usury Pass Mountain - we hiked to the stripe

Tweet This!Pin ItAs many of you know by now, the family is relocating to Toledo, Ohio. Dante starts school today at the University of Toledo and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He was accepted as a scholarship student and on the path now to his PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy). He’s out to make a [...]


Jack Kicking Hiney

Tweet This!Pin ItI’m not even sure how to best write this post. I want to bring your attention to a sweet little boy who is five years old. His name is Jack. His mama is a wonderful woman I’ve been blessed to know through Band Back Together. Not only is she one of the Brains [...]