Tweet This!Pin It As a family, we are about to embark upon a great adventure. Mr. Bee has lived within this 40 mile radius his whole life. He’s never lived more than a 30 minute drive from his mother. However, changes – big changes – are here. This will be our last Spring here. We [...]

Learning to be Adventurous


Tweet This!Pin ItI’ve never been what anyone would call the adventurous type. I’m careful. Maybe I’m too careful. I always have a litany of admonitions and checklists. Before BabyBee was born, I had lists upon lists of things that needed to be done and “in case of this” scenarios. LO knows the drill when I [...]



Tweet This!Pin It Memo from the Desk of a Junior Executive A personal note April 18, 2011 Dear Employees: On a personal note, I’d like to remind you to call your mothers. Forget once and you are toast! Because I won’t pay for toast, I suggest you do this. Also, I am never toast. Sincerely, [...]



Tweet This!Pin ItThis video makes BabyBee laugh and laugh. Just wait until he’s over at your house next time, Mom! He might try to take a ride on your Roomba. Head on over to Fellowship of the Traveling Smartypants to see it!   Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants: Riding the Roomba       [...]



Tweet This!Pin It This turned out much more disturbed than I originally intended. I wrote it as a narrative of 14 minutes of my evening last night as my husband mumbled in his sleep and I watched the movie 127 Hours between baby awakenings. This is part of the blog carnival over at Duane Scott’s [...]



Tweet This!Pin ItToday I get the pleasure of introducing you to a very special person. It’s my mother, Nancy Nemitz. She is a professional organizer and has agreed to share a few tips to organizing craft areas with us. In the comments, I’d love to hear what other areas you need help organizing! In my [...]

Sick Days


Tweet This!Pin It Memo from the Desk of a Jr. Executive April 11th, 2011 Today, everyone was calling out sick. Throwing up on my new suit was one thing, but if you just have a fever, don’t tell me you can’t be bothered to sit at a desk and work. It’s not like I am [...]

My Chia Pet


Tweet This!Pin It So Sarah has a new blog, and already she’s trying to get out of writing posts for it. That’s right. Before her blog even went live, she asked me to write a post for her. Why would she ask a Chia Pet to write a post for her? Well clearly it’s because [...]

It’s My Party


Tweet This!Pin It  Well, it’s that time of year again. The sun is a scorching 100* and the weeds are in full bloom. Other parts of the country are still experiencing snow, but I’m shopping for sunscreen. Yep, it must be my birthday. To celebrate, I’m launching my blog with a birthday gift! The gift:  [...]