Living up my first “What the Flagnog” Wednesday (#WTFW)
(I don’t use that other 4-letter eff one around the Bee Hive)
(Plus, how fun is it to say “Flagnog”?) (Flagnog, flagnog, flagnog, flagnog)
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Today’s rant is about motorcyclists. Now, I’m not talking about the majority of ┬áriders who have common sense. I’m not talking about you, my intelligent reader, but of the knobs I’ve seen over the past week. Here is my advice to these people:

  • Wearing ear protection, but only a scarf on your head without a helmet, will protect your ears only until they are torn off from said lack of helmet.
  • Flip flops and motorcycles do not mix – unless you really dig the mangled leg look and want your foot to mix in with the gears of your bike.
  • The firearm in your side holster will not protect you from that semi-truck crushing your skull while you ride in his blind spot.
  • Your skull and naked lady tattoos will do nothing to save your skin from being peeled off like a banana casing when you skid without anything covering said skin. This goes for legs and arms, in case I’m not being clear.
  • A camelbak, while great for hydration, is not body armor. Your skinny tank top with your belly dangling out is still at risk, but hey! At least you’ve had your eight cups of water, right? You’ll need it while recovering in the burn unit while regrowing your skin.


  1. Sarah Salter says:


    Tell the truth and shame the devil, Honey! In other words, “Preach on!”

  2. Nancy P says:


  3. Kate says:

    Oh, I have a few more for those motorcyclists that give those of us that respect the ride a bad name:

    ~ just because you can, doesn’t mean you should dive in and out of traffic switching lanes like a maniac

    ~ Leave the same amount of space between you and the vehicles around you that you’d expect from them, if you rub their bumper, don’t act all offended when the car behind does the same to you

    ~ sidewalks are for walking, not parking!!!!!! Park in the lot like everyone else in a vehicle.


  4. Morgan says:

    Once saw a girl’s unprotected skull bounce off the concrete road like one of those rubber superballs when her boyfriend clipped the back of the vehicle in front of him with his motorcycle. Not pretty.

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