Those who know us or who follow me on Twitter, know that our seven year old daughter says some of the funniest things. Sometimes, though, while what she says may not be funny, the kernel of truth in it sticks with me. The family had the following conversation this week:

Her: Mama’s a whackadoo

DH: Why do you say that?

Her: Most moms aren’t like her.

Me: How do you mean, honey?

Her: Well, you sing funny songs you make up in the car and do crazy dances in the kitchen. You are fun and creative and make cool stuff. When you don’t feel like doing that stuff is a good time to cuddle. You are the best mom ever.

She’s amazing.

You see, what you may not know, is I’m one of the many faces of postpartum depression. My moods are unpredictable and I have to work each day to Choose Joy. My poor family doesn’t ever know what to expect but we are working together to find something that works. It’s easy to get lost in the fog but then, when she says something like that, the world gets just a little bit brighter.


  1. Sarah Salter says:

    In case you don’t know how amazing you are, look at yourself through LO’s eyes. And in case you don’t know how amazing you are, look at yourself through my eyes. You make me smile. You make me laugh. Even though you’re over a thousand miles away, when you comfort me, I feel held. There’s a little piece of my heart with your name on it. And you’ll always be like a sister to me. I thank God for you! And you know what? I’m not the only one.

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