Drop that Beet

It’s full on Morsel Combat with Hannah Hart of Harto & Co. !
I’ve only just discovered her via the interwebs and she cracks me up. Hannah has the sweetest heart and is so genuine. While best known for her Drunk Kitchen episodes, she’s just released this fun music video jam packed with food puns. I’ve probably watched it 20 times already and feel like I catch a new one every time. Without further ado, I bring you, “Show Me Where Ya Noms At” Written by Hannah Hart & Songs To Wear Pants To Video Editing/Music Production.


  1. Dawnie says:

    I love Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen! If ever I’m having a bad day, her videos make me laugh every time. She is truly gifted in the art of funny.

  2. Joules says:

    This vid makes me so happy!

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