This turned out much more disturbed than I originally intended. I wrote it as a narrative of 14 minutes of my evening last night as my husband mumbled in his sleep and I watched the movie 127 Hours between baby awakenings. This is part of the blog carnival over at Duane Scott’s place. Link up here and join in! Just take ten minutes to write whatever pops into your head and a couple minutes to take out any glaring errors but just free write and LINK HERE.

“Hmm hmm. Well what are you going to do? Nothing. Ok.”
*skrit skrit scratch*

And that was it. On to rumble and snore and pause for inhumanly long moments between breaths.
Snap! Radius. Gone
Crack! Ulna. Annihilated.
Sawing through sticky, dehydrated blood…each muscle fiber breaking under the strain.
And there it is – a hand, an arm just left there
Another bloody print
A golden desert morning brimming with hope
Descending on final rope to last vestiges of water – remains of a canyon once rinsed clean

I will
I am

Dum spiro spero
While I breathe, I hope.
hand reaches out to hover over mine
eyebrows rise
I wait for words but hear none
and the moment passes by
Like so many before it
breath in
The children rustle restlessly
Dreams of play and siblings
Loneliness and joy


  1. Wendy says:

    Oh yeah. That was disturbing.

  2. Duane Scott says:

    What’s funny is I have many a nights where I have to lie awake and these same things happen.

    Except Southern Gal whimpers in her sleep.

    It’s hilariosa. :)

  3. My daughter talks and plays in her sleep. My wife carries on whole conversations about fictional animals climbing non existent trees in hers…

    Me on the other hand… I sleep like a dead man.

    The movie sounds like a Steven Seagal flick.

    • Sarah says:

      It’s a true story! A guy went out hiking and a boulder fell on his arm, trapping him for 127 hours. He nearly died but had a vision of his unborn son in the future and decided he had to do whatever it took and cut off his own arm for the chance at survival. Awesome movie.

  4. Cari says:

    That was just a little graphic…..LOL

    • Sarah says:

      I said it was disturbed!
      Honestly, I had intended to write something humorous, but just started writing via phone last night from bed and this is what came out. Last 10 minutes or so of 127 hours is pretty intense!

  5. Helen says:

    I must be tired. I had to reread this post, because I originally read “blog carnival” as “blog crawl”, which had me wondering about pub crawls, since I’ve never been on one. I prefer to drink at home.

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