Sick Days


Tweet This!Pin It Memo from the Desk of a Jr. Executive April 11th, 2011 Today, everyone was calling out sick. Throwing up on my new suit was one thing, but if you just have a fever, don’t tell me you can’t be bothered to sit at a desk and work. It’s not like I am [...]

My Chia Pet


Tweet This!Pin It So Sarah has a new blog, and already she’s trying to get out of writing posts for it. That’s right. Before her blog even went live, she asked me to write a post for her. Why would she ask a Chia Pet to write a post for her? Well clearly it’s because [...]

It’s My Party


Tweet This!Pin It  Well, it’s that time of year again. The sun is a scorching 100* and the weeds are in full bloom. Other parts of the country are still experiencing snow, but I’m shopping for sunscreen. Yep, it must be my birthday. To celebrate, I’m launching my blog with a birthday gift! The gift:  [...]