Learning to be Adventurous

I’ve never been what anyone would call the adventurous type. I’m careful. Maybe I’m too careful. I always have a litany of admonitions and checklists. Before BabyBee was born, I had lists upon lists of things that needed to be done and “in case of this” scenarios. LO knows the drill when I drop her off at school. I always have about ten things to tell her about the day’s plan.

While I’m still careful, there is a joy I see here, in my son’s eyes. He has an undiluted sense of adventure. Every day, he wakes and instantly sits up and looks around for something to do. He will climb anything to see what’s on top of it. He will go under and around, through and between, smooshing his chunky babyness into whatever crevice and cave he can find.

He may only be 365 days old, but he has a great lesson to teach me. Why not take joy in every thing? Why not make life an adventure? So today, I’m going to do something unexpected and check out something around the other bend. What are you going to do?


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Today’s Word: Adventure
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  1. Helen says:

    He looks so sweet, but I’m sure keeping up with him is an adventure.

  2. HisFireFly says:

    Thanks for this reminder that Jesus taught us to look through the eyes of children. The view makes all things an adventure!

  3. okiewife says:

    BabyBee makes me smile, just to see his daily adventures. I am so glad you share him with us through photos.

  4. Glynn says:

    My one-year-old grandson is a climber. He’s not walking yet, but he can climb the bookshelf. His father was the same way.

  5. Hazel Moon says:

    Watch that boy as he grows older. He will be climbing trees before you know it!
    What a charmer!

  6. cybermagnetik says:

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