April 22, 2011

They say shoes make the man. I’m not so sure about that. But just in case the big guns think so, I set out on lunch to get my loafers. Now, I am no loafer, but I hear that’s the thing to wear:

When I put them on, though, I found that no shoes can contain my feet.

When they say the guy that comes after me has big shoes to fill, they aren’t kidding. These size 8 wides are no joking matter
You better step it up if you think you’ll earn a spot here once I get that corner office.



  1. Cari says:

    Junior Executive:

    It looks like you were checking out the Nikes. Do tennis shoes mean that the rest of us might get a casual day in the future?

    *fingers crossed*

    • Sarah says:

      I’ll have my research committee take it under advisement. I’ll send a memo in 8-10 weeks. If it’s shown to increase your productivity, maybe, but we’ve got an image to protect here.

  2. Wendy says:

    No! Not the Nikes! They run narrow! Not that you have chubby feet or anything…

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