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SarahBee in 1987

Well, it’s that time of year again. The sun is a scorching 100* and the weeds are in full bloom. Other parts of the country are still experiencing snow, but I’m shopping for sunscreen. Yep, it must be my birthday. To celebrate, I’m launching my blog with a birthday gift!

The gift:  A cornucopia of SarahBee handmade goods.

  • 2 Bars of Premium Handmade SarahBee soaps – all sulfate-free and crafted to nourish and delight your senses
    Your choice:  Local AZ Orange Blossom Honey Oatmeal, Lemongrass & Sage Shea Butter, Tall Grass Shea Butter, Cranberry Citrus Aloe, Green Tea, Creme Bruleé Shea Butter,  Rose Petal, Olive Oil Unscented, or Peach Mango Salsa
  • 1 Bar of Handmade Shaving soap – Your choice – Cucumber Melon, Unscented, Ocean, or Fresh-Brewed Coffee
  • One tube of SarahBee lip balm – Your choice – Unflavored (which is a little chocolaty due to cocoa butter) or Peppermint

Selection will be announced on Wednesday, April 6th

Entries go as follows:

Your name and a scent that makes you think of your childhood or a happy day – please leave your Twitter handle if you have one.

Optional Additional Entry Options:
Leave a separate comment for each, please!

- Tweet it! Leave your comment w/ a  link or just tell me you did it. I trust you. (Max 3x day)
- Become a Fan on Facebook! I don’t post more than twice a week so you won’t get spammed.
- Follow this blog

That’s it! Have fun with it and have a happy, happy day

Winner has 24 hours to respond before new winner is selected. Gift ships within 48 hours of response



  1. Helen says:

    The smell of lilacs remind me of my parent’s garden.

    The smell of garlic and onion reminds me of my mother’s kitchen.

    The smell of mothballs remind me of my grandmother’s closet.

    The smell of Oldspice and Shalimar remind me of going out as a family with my parents.

    The smell of must reminds me of finding old books in the basement and reading them in the light of my room.


  2. Wendy says:

    My happy smell is plumeria – Mmmmm!!! When hubby and I were first married, the neighborhood we lived in had plumeria trees here and there. We used to take walks in the evening and enjoy the wonderful fragrance!

    And as you well know, my twitter handle is @weightwhat. Or @wendydarlingltd. Or @crazygidgetdog. Or @mychiapet.

  3. Cari says:

    The smell of sage as the sun hits the desert first thing in the morning is probably my favorite scent in the whole wide world, and always makes me happy!!!

    Also, I can never be grumpy when I smell bacon cooking in the morning!!!

    @mahjerle @wahkeenaphotos

  4. Amy says:

    Welcome to the blog world!

    My favortie scent is everything right after it has rained. The world smells so fresh and clean!

    Twitter: The_BMG

  5. Amy says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook! Because you know I love ya! :)

  6. Nic says:

    lavendar makes me think of my childhood. We had tons of bushes in the yard. Love the smell.
    Twitter handle @nsatterthwaite

  7. Shelley says:

    The smell of apple blossoms and mowed grass (the orchards by my house). Twitter: @srkelz

  8. Coffee first thing in the morning, which my dad always made because he was up first of all of us.

    Coffee and bacon intermixed on Saturday and Sunday mornings when dad cooked breakfast.

    Fresh cut grass reminds me of working in the yard with my dad and how he taught me to mow the right way.

    Kind of an esoteric one, but the smell of bolts of fresh fabric when shopping with my mom.

    Any bunches of herbs from my mom’s cooking.

    Evening in Paris mom wore when she and dad went out on the town & I got to help mom get dressed.

  9. Nancy P says:

    The scent of freshly mown grass always takes me back to the joy of lazy summer days as a kid.

    Also, the smell of crayons…. :)

    Nancy P (@npowell)

    • Sarah says:

      Yes! I hadn’t thought of the smell of crayons. Playdoh, too. Freshly mown grass is definitely one of my favorites.

  10. Kate says:

    Freshly mown grass is my all time favorite smell, reminds me of spring and summer. A close second is rain, you know, the way it smells right after it rains for the first time. I also love the smell of campfire embers in the morning.;-)


  11. Casey says:

    Honey suckle or orange blossom is the scent I remember most growing up.

    My twitter names are @ChrisAndCasey and @CalisoBoutique

  12. Barbara says:

    I remember the scent of roasting New Mexico green chiles, oh, that scent takes me home…

    I remember the WD40, grease and Lava soap my dad always smelled like. He’d work on tractors and other farm equipment during the day and build and maintain shotguns for folks in the evening… and then scrub it all away with Lava soap…

    I will never forget the scent in the air when the crops of onions were just about ready to be harvested :\

    And mostly, I will always remember the clean, sharp, electric scent in the air after a thunder and lightening storm rumbled its way through and cleansed the dust from the New Mexican desert air.

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!


    • Sarah says:

      Thank you! And the desert after a storm is uniquely cleansing and invigorating. One of my favorites.

  13. Peter P says:

    Hi, My name is Luca. I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you…

    Oh, no, actually, my name is Peter and the scent that I love is vanilla, because when we first met, it was my wife’s favorite scent. Her clothes smelt of it, her car smelled of it, her hair smelled of it…

    and now whenever I smell it, I’m propelled back to those wonderful first two weeks in the USA….

    and if you don’t know our story, that won’t mean much to you… but to me, it’s means SO much!

    • Sarah says:

      Isn’t it wonderful how scent can propel us back in time like that? Sigh. I love that.
      And too funny that you picked Luca of ALL names. I had *just* been talking to someone about how I love the name Lucia if we have another girl someday.

  14. Candy says:

    I was walking at the lake last weekend and got the first spring whiff of boat exhaust. Yes, you heard me. It took me back not only to my childhood, but it’s my kids’ favorite smell, too! Long, lazy days cruising down the river with the sun beating down and dozing away to the hum of the motor. But I really don’t want a “boat exhaust” soap – that would be a little much….

    I love the scent of Stargazer lilies too!

  15. Sarah Salter says:

    My favorite smell is the ocean. I remember when I was a kid and Mama would get us and all the cousins up early in the morning, make peanut butter and banana sandwiches for our picnic lunch, and take us out to the beach for the day. And the closer we got to the beach, the more salt and sand and sun you could smell on the air. As an adult, whenever I go to the beach, I still put down the windows when I get close so that I can smell the scent of my childhood.

  16. jasonS says:

    Someone said it, but after the rain–love that! My twitter name: @br8kthru and I tweeted it today. Thanks Sarah!

  17. Linda says:

    The smell of hotdogs always reminds of going to Cardinal Baseball games…and always will!

    • Blondie says:

      Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thanks for the answer.

      *SarahBee’s note for humor’s sake: Via comment from @ThaGrrrl79 on Twitter: sounds like zombie high school drama

  18. Dante says:

    My favorite smell is also the smell after it rains. I think it’d be the one thing I’d miss about Arizona.

    I’m now addicted to her awesome lip balm. Fortunately, I get to be the guinea pig for all her newest creations and the lip balm is an especially awesome one!

    Obviously, i’m not allowed to win. But, I wanted to mention how much I love Sarah Bee and her soaps… and not just because she’s my wife. I think her products are terrific.

  19. katdish says:

    I love the smell of tar on driftwood always reminds me of summers at Daytona Beach and Virginia Beach with all my extended family — cousins, aunt, uncles. The smell of clam chowder reminds me of my Aunt Phyllis’s homemade chowder. They lived on the “Rivah” in VA. All the kids would go diving for clams, fill up this blow up canoe with them, and she would make a huge pot of chowder.

  20. Lyndsay says:

    My fave is hyacinth and next is lily of the valley followed closely by sweet pea and lilac then of course lavendar … im so Scottish I forgot my heather! I look forward to trying your product as I am now a tweet twit fan and a facebook fan and all that good stuff xo

  21. Lyndsay says:

    No for the Birthday wish …. happy birthday and I wish I had weeds … but am still under snow here xox

  22. Kali says:

    Evening. My best childhood memories are rose lotion and honey suckle. Aww the good old days.
    Heading over to twitter right now to follow you right now. :)


  23. The smell of a newly composted fields reminds me of growing up in Illinois. Most people hate that smell…I love it.

    The smell of laundry detergent reminds me of college…laundry room strewn with damp, misappropriate laundry detergent on the machines and floor. Also love that odd smell.

    Lavender and lemon reminds me of being in the kitchen, which is my favorite place.

  24. Michael says:

    My favorite scent from my childhood is rain and fresh cut grass. Maybe I just miss them both because I live in a desert now.. But I when I do smell them I remember playing in the rain with my neigborhood friends or cutting my great grandfathers grass.


  25. DS says:

    Okay, okay.

    Favorite scent? It’s called “SkinnyDipping” by Scentsy.

    I know I know…

    Anyway, my twitter handle is duane_scott.

    I already like your page.

    I follow you on twitter.

    I follow this blog. :)

  26. sandra says:

    The smell of corn on the grill (sprinkled with a little lime juice and a piece of fresh cheese.)
    I lived in Guatemala for a year when I was 7yrs old. My grandfather and I would walk to the grocery store at the mall near their house. There was this woman on the corner with a small make-shift grill and boxes of corn that she’d grill and sell for super super cheap. She’d have the limes, cheese and cokes that they’d pour into bags with straws. Awesome.
    He would always buy me one on our way back home. Most delicious and wonderful smell ever!

  27. Wendy says:

    I tweeted it!

    And how is a person supposed to follow your blog? I don’t see a follow thingy anywhere…

  28. Wendy says:

    I’m already a facebook fan, aren’t I?

  29. I love the smell of lemon (or citrus) and vanilla. They make me happy! :)

    And, you know me as @Melissa_Rae

    Love the new site, Sarah! And Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :)

  30. I’m a fan! :)

  31. Heather says:

    Lilac and spices (cinnamon, clove, etc) remind me of my childhood..

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I’m a new fan so looking forward to trying things out. :)

  32. Heather says:

    Liked on Facebook :)


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